Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Pink Sink-Room 66

5 x 10 oil on 3/8" gessoed board

Now, why paint a sink? Well, this sink is in room 66 in the Monger Moss motel in Lebanon, Missouri.

The Monger Moss is a motel original to Route 66. I could have painted the more recognizable sign, but this pink sink against the aqua colored tiles just had such an aura of the fifties, I could not resist it.

Bob and Ramona, the owners of the Monger Moss are two delightful people who work very hard to stay original to the Route, there is a room dedicated to Route 66 memorabilia.

If ever in that area, stay at the Monger Moss, you will not regret it, and also hope you get to see the Starlight Lanes (bowling alley) lit up at night, for a brief moment you will be in the fifties.

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