Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Master Copy in Progress

I have fallen a bit behind on my painting a day, I finished the large sunflower commission and than started another large painting. I have become very interested in and excited by the works of Joaquin Sorolla. The wonderful lightness of his paintings and the subtle changes within the colors is amazing. I decided to do a copy of his painting "Del Bano," in about half the original size of 70x44. I have undertaken this project in hopes of learning more about color range and to expand my own pallette by trying to achieve the same colors and values as tha Sorolla used in his painting. I am using an internet copy of the original which hangs in the Prado in Madrid. I hope to one day see the original, but in the mean time I thank Sorrolla for his wonderful and beautiful works. I will update my progress in the next few days and share some of what I hope to learn from this undertaking.

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